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With state of the art Natural Language Processing and Generative AI fine tuned for your custom needs and hosted at your own hosting premises, HaiVE offers multi-modal, omnichannel virtual AI teams for Pre-Sales, On-Boarding and Product/Service Support with consistently optimal customer experience.

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Why on-premise AI?

AI has grown from a buzz word or theoretical future to a useful tool for business now. ChatGPT, Bard and other AI tools have demonstrated and persuaded businesses to actually use AI to either scale up or replace entire teams with their virtual counterparts. But this advancement in the field has left businesses prone to uploading their sensitive data to third party famous AI services. FinTech is the first sector to understand the importance of hosting the groundbreaking AI service in their secure server thereby not conceding insightful business centric data to any other company and also owning all the IP generated from the whole process of making their company AI ready.


The entire fine tuned LLM and its services will run from your own hosting infrastructure, so your security team will sleep peacefully


While most famous AI firms make their bots to be generally intelligent, we can get down and dirty with your exact role requirements and train the bot for it

Zendesk , Freshworks & More

Bring your own integrations - our AI bot team can be omnichannel and communicate with your audience through your favourite tools, even email and calls

Augment or Replace

Our AI team can start by learning from the best of your human agents and then it becomes your call as to either have the AI support them or free them up for something else

Your own IP

All the conversations that happen and the IP thus generated is completely yours. No external company will ever benefit off your processes

Proficiency Updation

Our team will work with yours, on-demand as a white glove R&D team to update the AI as your business grows and evolves with the new virtual team

In the Press

“Your choice of tools - Zendesk or Freshworks or Salesforce or Shopify or Email or Calls, our latest and greatest AI, hosted at your own infrastructure. With HaiVE You are always in control of the revolution”

Product Portfolio

Here at HaiVE, we truly believe AI should be democratized. All our products are self-hostable.

Malar Teacher

Autonomous Engineering Professor who earns to pay her own server cost by teaching Anna Univ syllabus

Sentient Matters

A completely Autonomous news platform covering the daily buzz in AI utilizing advanced algorithms

HaiVE AI Suite

Run local LLM inference across a network of devices in a smooth and efficient manner without compromising security

Where AI powers chat, and human touch provides the heart, HaiVE delivers nonstop support for a customer experience set apart.

Meet the Team

Arjun Reddy


Co-Founder & Go-to-Guy


Deepika Loganathan


Co-Founder & CEO - HaiVE


Aravinth Ramesh


Co-Founder & CTO at HaiVE - On-Premise AI


Where AI powers chat, and human touch provides the heart, HaiVE delivers nonstop support for a customer experience set apart.

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